King of the Court


King of the court is an opportunity for players to compete in a variety of challenges that will rank players based on results.  The challenges include: 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 & 4 on 4. These challenges were created to provide our athletes with a competitive edge and purpose we achieve to seek this through player rankings . Players who compete in 1 on 1 will be ranked individually by grade based off individual performance, as we know basketball is a team game and although their will be individual rankings based off 1 on 1 there will also overall rankings that will be drawn from the other competitions. The overall rankings will determine who can have the biggest impact on a team making them the best asset. This allows us to see what players can translate their individual abilities best to the team concept. Our unique version of king of the court provides athletes the opportunity to utilize competition as the driving force for individual and team success. The overall grade rankings is what will drive the competition for our youth. If you think your are the best prove it! Player rankings will be posted on the website.