Basketball Combine

Our basketball combine is replica of the NBA draft combine minus the medical tests and NBA personnel. This is a multi-day showcase that takes place twice annually. At the combine, basketball players receive measurements, participate in interviews, undergo shooting drills, go through five-on-five drills and perform various athletic tests. The purpose of this combine is to prepare you for the actual NBA combine, while in a competitive setting that drives you to compete and become comfortable with the process of being a consummate professional.

The athletic tests include but are not limited to:

  • Standing vertical jump  
  • Maximum vertical jump  
  • Bench press  
  • Three-quarter-court sprint time  
  • Lane agility time   
  • Modified event time

Physical measurements include:

  • Height with shoes
  • Height without shoes
  • Wingspan
  • Weight
  • Standing reach
  • Hand length
  • Hand width

The shooting tests include:

  • Spot-up three-point field goals from various distances (high school, college, and NBA) depending upon position
  • Shooting off the dribble
  • Timed jump shots on the move